March 24, 2017

Waiting Fisherwomen

Waiting Fisherwomen

It's early morning and two fisherwomen are ready with the days catch at the market. Their happy and upbeat mood tells you that they expect a good return . Anyone for a good bargain?.

Note on Materials: Mural , transfer and Acrylic on Canvas with framed with double mural clay frame.

May 30, 2016


A Splash in the Wild

Egyptian Dancers

I love horses. They represent power of free spirit in nature. I have tried my hand at two situations:

i. a herd of wild galloping horses coming up suddenly on a desert oasis.

ii. a pair of Egyptian desert dancers, all spruced up, on way to a cairo club to entertain clients.

Note on Materials : Acrylic on canvas, with a textured background on a handmade dotted surface.

July 14, 2014

Cosmic Play

Cosmic Play

The world is a stage and we are all actors. We play our part and depart, says a wise man. Some call it 'fate' and others, 'destiny'. In my case, I'm comfortable with both!

Call me 'Destiny's Child?'

Here, in these two art works, I have two characters, actors, if you will. As in most of my work, the female dominates the stage, so I've put her in the forefront, while the male lurks in the background, a bit player, partly an observer.

Other creatures of the earth fill the void, may it be the dusky dawn or a dusty sunset.

Note on Materials: Two different canvases are related. Oils used in the dusty sunset and acrylics are used in the dusky dawn, in order to distinguish the styles.           


March 16, 2014

The Glory of the Yesteryears - Marionette Puppetry

Glory of Marionette Puppetry

Puppetry is an ancient form of  performance. A marionette is a puppet controlled from above using wires or strings.

Puppets have the power to appeal and attract the people of all age groups. The soft puppets are made with cloth and manipulated with hand and fingers. One needs deft fingers for movements, and a ventriloquist's voice to simulate speech.

The visual impact of puppetry is beautiful. And even the audience can participate wholeheartedly with their comments and encouragement. Puppetry needs only a small investment in money, material, manpower, making it perfect for everyone from the casual enthusiast to the professional puppet master, who can enthrall their audiences with fantastic stories and theatre. 

So is puppet theatre a dying art? Yes, it probably is. In this new age of technology- mobile phones, high speed internet, instant gratification... who has the time to enjoy a slow paced art? Lifestyles have changed rapidly that many of our traditional crafts and hobbies have been forgotten.

Tell me what you think. Are we too old for the joy of puppetry? Can it ever make a comeback, or is it forever doomed to be one of those pursuits that we look back on with nostalgia, and a sigh of 'those were the days?

Note on Materials: Two mixed media pieces on paper are used to illustrate. Mediums used are pencils, charcoal, colored pencils and ink pen.

February 18, 2014

Hope Rises Eternal

Hope Rises Eternal

According to the way I feel, it is music, above anything else, that connects people in their dark days and gives them hope. Great composers and musicians have sustained the human spirit throughout history. From Beethoven, to Paul McCartney musicians have played an important role in our lives. Music is the background to our lives, be it the rhythmic tapping of a woodpecker, or the singing of birds, or the honking of horns outside our houses. Everything had rhythm, and though I am not able to hear it, I can feel it in my very being, in my very soul.

Don't get me wrong, I feel sad when I cannot partake in this nectar of the soul; whereas even the birds of this earth are free to indulge in it. But its part of who I am, and I have accepted it. I love that I can still use colour to depict my understanding of music. These pieces are called 'Hope Rise Eternal' to showcase this yearning of part of my soul.

Note on materials: two mixed media on paper are used similar to small pieces of collages and then  painted on with brilliant colours.

February 01, 2014

Music on a Grand Scale

Music on a  Grand Scale

A musician has a vast array of choices in selecting his instruments or backdrops in a city environment.

But as an artist I feel mother nature provides a vaster stage  for a musician. The forest floor, the big mountain backdrop, the vast colourful sky canopy sets the stage .The colourful birds, running brooks, snails, snakes, reptiles, animals , fish, flora and fauna with their  humming , songs  and tweets provide the background music.

The artist feels that nature itself is a grand concert.

In these four paintings I have used oil on canvas and acrylic on canvas . I have tried to bring out the joy of music through colour, light and movement.

January 25, 2014

Imagine of Art

I call this piece, 'Imagine of Art'

This piece is a mixed media piece, and it is special to me. It was a gift to my younger brother. My younger brother is like a gift to me, and I painted this to show him how special he is to me.

The young woman in this piece is playing the didgeridoo. My brother loves this instrument and owns several of them, so this was the inspiration for my work. The young woman in this painting feels her words come out like pebbles in the sand. She feels beautiful, and dreams of freedom and music.  

This piece is a dreamscape, and it came to me as a dreamlike inspiration. I love the visions in the sky, festival kites, shells and  pieces of coin... floating in the calmness of the night and denoting the happiness that my brother finds when he plays his didgeridoo. 

Notes on Materials: This is a clay and acrylic painting on wood. I used bright colours like  blue, pink and violet in the sky to underline it's vibrancy and dreamlike texture. I also used texture in the form of sand, coins and shells.

January 16, 2014

Welcome to 'The Sound of Colour'

Hello, and welcome to my website, 'The Sound of Colour'. I hope you enjoy your meander around, and don't forget to check out my gallery of work.

Why is my website called 'The Sound of Colour'?  As an artist, I primarily rely on my intuition and perception of the world around me. For me, these are my guiding lights. As you know, I am hearing and speech impaired. But that is not what defines me. It is part of who I am, but not my entirety. In the solace of my silence, I feel the music of colour and light, which feeds my dreams and my soul, and guides my art.

I want you to feel the emotions that I feel when I paint. I want you to see the world through my eyes. I want you to hear the silent music that I hear. Through my art, I want to let you into my world.

And I hope that you will join and cheer me along on my journey through this world of colour, light, dreams and magic...